You can't buy another

Thinking about how to revive the offer of your patisserie or cafe but you still can't figure out the right solution?  We have the right solution for you!  These are ice creams and Adria Gold ice cream sorbets!  They will become a pleasant refreshment for your business which will quickly fill all the blanks and not just release them.
Perfectly harmonized flavors

Adria Gold specializes in the production of ice cream for pastry shops and cafes but also for individuals.  Our ice cream ice cream is one of the best on the Czech market due to its highest quality and truly delicious taste.  Our highly desirable specialties include fruit sorbets with a high percentage of fruit ingredients or directly pieces of fruit.


The ice cream in the fruit sorbets contains a high percentage of fruit making the sorbets not only refreshing but also dietary.  Thus fruit sorbets mean healthy and low-calorie snacking that you can afford in the middle of a diet.  This is Adria Gold!