The new will certainly make everyone happy.  delight enhance the interior give it a new dimension.  Everyone is looking forward to it.  But before we sit down we have to choose a session.  And agree.  It is not easy to choose.  Images may vary and compromises need to be made!

In the end somehow we agree on the appearance the color must tune and the covers should be practical.  The sofa not only expresses our style but also has to adapt to existing furniture.  The kit can also be foldable with or without storage space.  Whether such or "poppy" one must definitely not forget.  And that's the size.  Size matters.  The sofa can be small larger or large.  If space limits us there's probably no split in the family.
Modern or classic?

It doesn't matter be it big!  This is the winner's voice in a small home fight.  And now after the fight we can only look forward.  There's nothing more to deal with!