Tune in a good mood in the morning and tune in.  Don't you like to get to work or school?  Believe it will always lift your mood and immediately your morning will start with a smile and a better mood.

Radio Impuls has been performing its listeners for days.  It makes their listeners' everyday duties more pleasant and moreover prepares various competitions polls and interesting news from home and the world for them.  The Impuls radio can simply entertain the listener and if you don't listen to it you should try it.
Internet online broadcasting

Of course Radio Impuls goes with the times so it gives you the possibility of online internet broadcasting.  Are you one of those who have created a personal addiction on Impuls Radio?  If you happen to be in a location outside the Impulse frequency there is no problem.  That's why the online online broadcasts that you can run from your computer wherever you are just serve these cases.