We recommend to taste

You can't buy another Thinking about how to revive the offer of your patisserie or cafe but you still can't figure out the right solution?  We have the right solution for you!  These are ice creams and Adria Gold ice cream sorbets!  They will become a pleasant refreshment for your business which will quickly fill […]


Summer is coming, and with it comes the time of pools. That you don't have one? And why envy others when you can? today you can buy it in any shape or size at very competitive prices – and we will help you not to go next door. We offer swimming pools of all kinds […]

A line to the kitchen is the start of cooking

It just depends on your financial capabilities your taste your preferences.  Our offer will definitely not limit you on the contrary! Choose kitchen cabinets according to your wishes!  Do you want kitchen kits from LTD or do you prefer sets with MDF doors?  Or do you have a hard set of kitchen cabinets and would […]

Have fun with karaoke

The phenomenon of the contemporary entertainment industry.  Karaoke lyrics have become a sought-after and sought-after trend be it an area of ​​older or state-of-the-art music production. The offer for texts is extensive as are countless songs and performers of Czech and world concert stages.  Everybody likes a different song another singer a singer or a […]

High-level radio

Radio Impuls now also brings you online radio which will surely please you we do not always have the opportunity to let go of the classic radio.  It offers such a selection of Czech music.  If you listen you will always have a cheerful mind whether at work or relaxing. It's new Impuls radio is also […]

Swarovski Jewelry

Swarovski Jewelry Jewelry is made of shimmering cut diamonds, precious stone of various colors, perfect smooth pearl pearls. Jewelry does not always have to be fitted. The jewelery will be special and it will highlight its own grinding of metal or metal alloy, the actual shape of the jewel, the use of two kinds of […]

Ideal for ad assembly

We rent suitable for every workplace and every environment. Try ours and you will surely be satisfied and surprised by the quality we offer you. Don't wait for anything and come to us for high quality work tools and tools. Service is commonplace. No more work at height will be a problem for you. We […]

Valuable prices are waiting for you

Tune in a good mood in the morning and tune in.  Don't you like to get to work or school?  Believe it will always lift your mood and immediately your morning will start with a smile and a better mood. Radio Impuls has been performing its listeners for days.  It makes their listeners' everyday duties […]