Protect your privacy and property with our roller shutters

No house can do without windows.  Tasteful access to a beautiful plastic window can be.

We come to you with a range of products related to construction and renovation.  In our assortment there are the most plastic windows roller shutters metal and wooden fences as well as various types of gates or gates. There are also blinds awnings and doors.  Therefore visit our website for more information.
Weather blinds

Our company specializes in window blinds – both concealed and retrofitted.  Due to the highly modern production technology and not only thanks to the guiding profiles they can protect very well both from heat leakage and protect your windows against negative weather conditions such as rain or snow.

Choose the best comfort

If one wants to choose from different variants, he chooses mostly two options. Either he goes to a specialized furniture store, or orders a sofa through an online store.

What are the benefits of buying online stores? The first advantage is that, in most cases, they are indeed listed in different versions in online stores. Another advantage of buying over the internet is that the price of a sofa sometimes costs a lot cheaper than in a stone shop, where it is really high.
Purchase of sofas over the Internet

Especially the great advantage of buying via e-shop is convenience. Buying a sofa is really simple. Just choose a sofa, write contact details, fill in how the customer wants to pay and the type of transport. For most sofas, delivery or stocking dates are given.

Who drinks it is happy

If you like tea you have won. Tea is a source of both mental and physical encouragement.  Tea contains catechins that prevent cancer prevent blood vessels from narrowing which has a positive effect on blood circulation and thus prevent heart attacks by drinking tea.

But teas have many more positive symptoms teas help digestion restore intestinal flora reduce obesity fight caries.  Vitamins in the tea act against influenza viruses and enhance immunity and a range of minerals that are beneficial.
High-quality teas

Our goal is to offer you the opportunity to taste home-made tea from all the forms in which tea can be recognized.  Do not hesitate to order tea.

Choose a uniform door style

they can tell us a lot about what's behind them.  Whether we choose a uniform door style for our entire home or separate the rooms appropriately we have to remember that they are part of the whole interior.
So we have to choose so that the interior doors are not like a fist on the eye.  Conversely a well-chosen material and design can underline and illustrate the overall character of the room or the entire home.  So let's not underestimate the choice.

Enter us
The interior doors should tell the visitor and the owner "come to us" they should lure a visitor who can admire them ask where you got such a beautiful door praise your taste and attention to detail.

Sliding doors are practical

A situation where we have a narrow space in an apartment or house can occur quite often. This place will then become a source of restlessness in the family. When there are several of us, we are clogged! And then the whole situation can get worse when several doors are the best! If you want peace, the door must be gone! Take out the classic door from the hinges and start to flake! Get it!

Sliding doors are suitable wherever conventional interior doors cannot be used. Our offer is a variety of systems that will help you to peel the door. We offer various designs in several model lines. All our sliding doors are all wooden and quality.
More space, more peace! Sliding doors!

Sliding doors do not rotate in hinges, but they move so that they do not take up any space. And on the contrary, they will give it to you!

We emphasize quality

The new will certainly make everyone happy.  delight enhance the interior give it a new dimension.  Everyone is looking forward to it.  But before we sit down we have to choose a session.  And agree.  It is not easy to choose.  Images may vary and compromises need to be made!

In the end somehow we agree on the appearance the color must tune and the covers should be practical.  The sofa not only expresses our style but also has to adapt to existing furniture.  The kit can also be foldable with or without storage space.  Whether such or "poppy" one must definitely not forget.  And that's the size.  Size matters.  The sofa can be small larger or large.  If space limits us there's probably no split in the family.
Modern or classic?

It doesn't matter be it big!  This is the winner's voice in a small home fight.  And now after the fight we can only look forward.  There's nothing more to deal with!

A piece of home furnishings

Housing equipment is undoubtedly.  Not only for its practical side but also because it is the aesthetic part of the interior.  If you intend to change the interior or exterior doors our company with many years of experience is at your disposal.
Our company offers you a wide range of doors including linings and fittings.  You will find both classic and sliding doors.  According to your requirements our experts will advise you on how to choose the interior doors and how to treat them.  If you are unsure about the appearance you can visit our sample shop where you can see the door in real life.
Buying interior doors in our country pays off
Because of our experience we know what a customer wants.  That is why we are constantly expanding and improving our offer.  If you visit us you will certainly not leave empty because you will recognize that our interior doors are unique on the market and must not be missed in your home.

Lose weight throughout Prague with a box diet

Boxing diet, now available for Prague

Have you tried to import food to your home? Are you interested in it and now would you like to continue? Did it help you lose a few pounds? We also offer you this option. Boxing diet Prague is proven and effective.
Lose weight by proven methods

It is based on proper diet, exercise and willpower. The main thing is the lifestyle. Boxing diet Prague is precisely balanced to suit your needs. Boxing diet Prague consists of five courses and divides it for men and women. We offer two options for both sexes. And weight loss and a healthy line. Also, depending on whether the diet for men or women varies in calories.
Do not hesitate

Feel free to try. You will see that you will not regret it. Boxing diet Prague is great, effective and suitable for everyone.


Do you need a new table chair kitchen sink or other piece of equipment for your home?  Here you can find all clearly.  We do not specialize only in a particular type but in all that our customers might need.

Furniture is the foundation of your home.  Every flat or house needs quality furniture from quality and first-class material.  Treat yourself to your apartment a bit of elegance and luxury.
Furniture for every type of apartment

Our goal is customer satisfaction including yours.  Our offer is wide and offers not only quality but also home accessories that you will appreciate when arranging your room or apartment.  Accessories are an indispensable part of any apartment as well as well-chosen.  With us you can choose a piece that you will like.  It impresses with its appearance elegance and above all accessibility.  This will take whatever apartment you want.

Problems in sewage or waste

From time to time a minor or major problem may occur. Whatever the problem, however, TVS-centrum will take care of yours.

It can offer you many years of experience, plenty of services, from sewage cleaning to repairing or tracing sewers. When you visit the TVS-Center website, you will find out how easy it is to order services in the area. Within a minute, you enter in your contact form information about you, the sewerage problem, and your order will be processed for a short period of time. Powerful sewage technology allows the company to work flexibly and work with it all over the country. Another reason is the incredible knowledge in the industry.
Problems in sewerage

Whatever your problem with the sewer system, TVS-centrum can easily handle it. Sewerage and water mains are in their fingers.