If you want to try Slimex you should know some basic information about this product.  This is a losing weight pills that are very effective to you when you are obese or your body mass index is more than 28. It works with the use of fat in food.  It blocks fats in intestine to absorb in part you will receive fewer calories in case.  You will be really happy about the results because it comes soon in few weeks.  If you are suffering from blood pressure or some heart diseases you should consult the treatment with your practical and ask him for help.  Don't take this pill if you are not sure.
Do it for yourself
When you are upset ain your body you are ashamed of it don’t go to the party don’t go anywhere because you think everybody will be at you and you will feel bad do this change.  These pills will really help you and you will be happy about it.  The result comes soon.  There are some side effects of course.  These side effects are oils headache stomach light-headedness dizziness and others.