Experience the taste of ecstasy

Summer is coming and you have children who want ice cream several times a day?  But do you not want to spend on expensive supermarket ice creams or scoop ice cream in street stalls where one scoop costs an astronomical price?  With us you can please your children while not losing their fortune during the summer!  Adria Gold Ice Cream allows you to do so.
You won't find better ice cream

Here you will find a wide range of different types of ice cream.  You could taste yoghurt ice cream vanilla chocolate or strawberry.  We can also offer you ice cream with solid chocolate nuts coffee beans and the like.  All types are delivered in 5 liter or 2.4 liter tubs.

The ice cream you'll love

With us you can order a large amount of ice cream for the whole summer according to the taste of your and your whole family.  And yet at low prices which don't ruin your family savings.  Satisfaction will be on all sides!  On our your and your children who get quality and delicious ice cream.